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Multimedia terminals
GIS and 3D Map
Mobile applications
Augmented/Virtual Reality

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IT solutions development

Innovative Multimedia solutions

Our DiVit System provides a spectacular display of exhibit content on multimedia terminals or mobile devices.

GIS and 3D Development

Use real life 3D scale models and layouts and digital content (maps, pictures, documents) together to showcase an interactive experience.

Mobile Applications

Pocket our solutions! Take and use our applications optimized for mobile environments anywhere you go!

Augmented reality

Immerse your visitor in a whole new world of content: with the use of a mobile app the visitors can access virtual objects in the real world by pointing their mobile device to a marker or a previously scanned 3D object.

Custom Software Development

Mapping and analyzing business processes, building new systems, optimizing and upgrading existing IT systems to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Virtual Reality

Extend your exhibition with life-like virtual reality: take your visitor on a ride in time and space, where they can move and look around in 360 degrees!



No need for local server, only a cloud server. Easy accessibility via DiVit mobile guide

Content management system

Database module, presentation module, scene editor, readymade templates and testing module.

Remote Management system

You can access, and manage any part of your DiVit system even from a remote location.

Control terminal

Switch the terminals on and off easily from any mobile device remotely.