Take your exhibition to the next level!


DIVIT ® – Take your exhibition to the next level!

End to end immersive experience solution for museums, galleries and exhibitions.


Our Extended Reality visualization solutions make the discovery of digital collections, museum exhibitions, archive documents and maps a thrilling adventure. With the possibilities of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and GIS we open new dimensions in content presentation.

Take your exhibition to the next level with spectacular interactive content brought to the users by terminals, mobile applications, VR glasses or mixed reality installations. Expand your content universe with new ways to tell the story in 3D. Create and immersive experience with AR and VR and add multimedia content (text, picture, map, video, audio) to any object to give your visitors more knowledge and excitement.


DiVit is a highly scalable and flexible system, which gives you total control over the hardware and the content. You can add new elements like touchscreens, projectors, iBeacon and many more to your exhibition with ease and upload or change new content related to the exhibition. You do not even need a local server, content can be stored and managed on a remote or a cloud server.