About us

the excitement of discovery


InnoTeq Ltd. (based in Hungary) has more than 20 years of experience in providing IT solutions in the CEE region.

The company specializes in software development of innovative Multimedia and Extended Reality solutions (AR, VR), Geographic Information Systems, mobile and web2 applications.


We give you more than just an IT solution!
Our visualization solutions make the discovery of digital collections, museum exhibitions, archive documents and maps a thrilling adventure. With the possibilities of GIS and Augmented Reality new dimensions are opened in content presentation. The company has many years of experience in innovation.


Not only do our customers expect solutions to their problems, but they want to enjoy every moment of their work. Not only do they want to see the final result, but also the way to it. When we start a new task, we always keep this in mind. We are not afraid of new ways either, but we are also trying to find the place of old values as well. We enhance our applications with innovative solutions, a routine solution is never enough. We offer you excitement, the excitement of discovery.